Global San Diego Export Plan Released

Global San Diego Export Plan

January 31, 2014

In 2012, the Brookings Institution - a Washington D.C. based think tank - selected San Diego as one of the first eight U.S. cities to participate in its Metropolitan Export Initiative, with the goal of helping regional leaders develop and implement a customized export plan to help maximize the region's global competitiveness through increased exports of goods and services. As part of this effort, a Core Team comprised of leaders from various civic, educational and economic development organizations was formed to assess the region's current export performance and potential. The results of the assessment were used to develop the export plan for the region.

The objectives of the "Global San Diego Export Plan" are to help create and retain export related jobs, increase participation of small and mediuim-sized enterprises (SMEs) in global trade, and develop a brand to enhance the region's global competitiveness. According to the plan, these objectives are to be accomplished by implementing four key strategies, which include levaraging San Diego's diversity to target major markets based on industry strengths, develop and increase SMEs capacity to export, promote infrastructure assets that underpin the export growth in the region, and leverage the trade potential of the CaliBaja Bi-national Mega Region.

In addition to participating as part of the Core Team that developed the export plan, the San Diego CITD will be a key component of the strategy to increase SME capacity to export through its counseling and training programs. The CITD's Border Export Program is also mentioned in the plan as a way to leverage direct export opportunities in the CaliBaja region.

To read the full plan, click here.

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