California STEP, in collaboration with JD.Com, is offering a unique opportunity for small California-based consumer products companies to sell directly to Chinese consumers. JD.Com—which is China’s largest retailer and the 3rd largest internet company in the world by revenue—and the California STEP program are working to identify, screen, and support California small businesses to gain a foothold in the world’s largest e-retail market.

California companies that meet the small business eligibility requirements will have the opportunity to submit their products for PRIORITY consideration by JD.Com through the California STEP registration. The California STEP program will pay for the first product listing (a $1,000 registration fee) for the companies selected. California STEP will also provide ongoing support for selected companies through an e-retail dedicated blog and helpline. Companies selected will become a part of the JD U.S. Select Store incubator program which will include an online store at JD.Com with access to over 236 million active users in China, free marketing resources on JD’s platform, daily maintenance of your online store and transactions, as well as integrated export consignment shipping and customs service.

Product categories which are being recruited for the JD.Com include:

  • Health and beauty (cosmetics, hair care, nail care, skin care), vitamins and other health supplements
  • Healthy food products (non-perishable)
  • Pet products
  • Baby products
  • Other “California Lifestyle” products – this is a broader category that includes products that have an association with California (including but not limited to fashion, household goods, sporting goods, surf, entertainment, environmentally conscious, etc.)

For additional information about this opportunity and to apply, click here.