September 8, 2017 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
USD Ahler's Center for International Business

Today’s rapidly changing business environment requires a new approach to leadership. This half-day workshop allows attendees to work hands on with three shifts in leadership that increase their ability to thrive in complexity:

1) From Directing Others to Enabling Others – When problems are complex, no single individual can see all of its parts. Leaders must shift their approach from directing work to enabling individuals and teams closest to the customer to do the work. The leader shifts to the role of coach and friction remover.

2) From Predicting to Experimenting – One of the definitions of complexity is that outcomes are not predictable. Leaders must shift from predicting and controlling, to experimenting and iterating in order to help their organizations thrive.

3) From Creating Followers to Creating Leaders – A traditional definition of the word leader is “one who people follow”. While that approach to leadership can be successful in simple systems, when things are complex, everyone in an organization needs to be constantly growing towards greater capability to lead.

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