October 27, 2017 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
USD Ahler's Center for International Business

Business people operate in environments in which political and economic pressures are strong, and in which resources — natural and human resources as well as time and money – may be scarce. In addition, diverse and competing groups (both within and outside of the organization) often do all they can to influence the goals and direction of the organization. Given such circumstances, negotiation is a central communication skill in distributing resources, creating value, and managing conflict especially in the international business context.

Negotiation is ubiquitous. People want to participate in decisions that affect them, and will resist accepting decisions dictated by others. People differ, and they use negotiation to handle their differences. Whether the realm is business, government, or family and friends, people reach most decisions through negotiation. In this class, we explore the science and art of negotiation. The “science” is learned largely through seminar style discussions and lectures. The “art” is learned by experience in simulated negotiations.

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